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Municipal Profile of Laoang PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 10 February 2010 00:00
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Municipal Profile of Laoang
Mission and Vission
Felt Needs, Concerns and Problems
Goals and Objectives
Priority Strategies
Major Programs and Projects
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The functional role of the Municipality according to the approved Provincial Physical Framework Plan of the Province of Northern Samar are as follows: Secondary center for commerce, trade and industry; producer of coconut or copra and rice; fishing grounds of various fish species; destination of eco-tourism; links with Legaspi, Tabaco and Cebu, and as service center of Pacific towns. These functional roles assigned by the province to Laoang is not only the result of planning, research and scientific studies, rather, these are real and existing potentials that when properly harnessed and developed would certainly boost economic activities not only to the town of Laoang but to the province as well.

As the center of commerce, trade and industry in the second district of the province, sufficient allocation of commercial areas were made in the preparation of the urban land use plan. Instead of the standard area of 3% of the built-up area, the area allocated to this land uses was increased to 5% of the built-up area. This was made to anticipate the commercial needs not only of the locality but also of the second district of the province.

As the center of industry in this part of the province, standard area allocation for light and medium industries has been complied with. Moreover, after delineating the allocation in the urban areas, the remainder of the required area was distributed to all identified growth node barangays of the Municipality.

As the service center of the pacific towns and port of entry to other regions of the country, the construction of the Mualbual Port which will serve both domestic and international shipping services will be completed. In fact, construction of marginal road networks and other transportation utilities has been incorporated and delineated in the urban land use plan. Standard allocation of road area requirements both in urban center and rural areas has been considered in the preparation of the urban and general land use plans.

Moreover, the LGU of Laoang has for its guiding precepts instituted the following visions and mission statements:


To become a peaceful, progressive, self-reliant and globally-competitive Municipality where commerce and trading is flourishing, agriculture is enhanced, agro-industries and other industries developed, and with a clean, healthful, wholesome and sustainable environment peopled by highly-motivated, skilled, healthy, educated, empowered and God-centered Laoanganon.


To stand, advocate and aim for: An honest and transparent governance, one that is service and development-oriented, an administration that is community-centered and people-centered, environment-friendly and nature caring, with empowered and educated citizenry and a trained and highly motivated work force.

Felt Needs, Concerns and Problems

In its quest to achieve success, it recognizes the need to address the following concerns, felt needs and major problems: High incidence of poverty; lack of efficient circulation system, low farm produce, low high school and pre-school participation rate, low access to potable water supply, degradation and exploitation of forest and marine resources, improper disposal of solid wastes, presence of blight area in the urban center, absence of efficient telecommunication system, incompatible land uses, and more importantly the ailing and very young industry sector.

Goals and Objectives

The LGU of Laoang then, from 2003 up to 2012 shall strive to meet the following goals and objectives: To improve the living condition of families belonging to the 37% bottom poor; to provide necessary infrastructure facilities and services for land and marine transportation in order to effect vigorous economic activity; to attain self sufficiency in food supply through increased agricultural crops, livestock and aquatic resources production; to increase access to high school and pre school education; to Increase access to potable water supply; to promote sustainable development through the enhancement of the CBRMP Project; to promote a clean and green Municipality via proper solid waste disposal system; to provide socialized housing program to urban poor through resettlement of the blighted area; to improve existing telecommunication system through the establishment of cell site; to promote health, safety, and wholesome environment through proper land utilization; to encourage the establishment of medium and small scale industries.

Priority Strategies

By way of strategies, and approaches the following shall be resorted to: Generate jobs and other livelihood opportunities through the promotion of industrialization and improvement of agricultural productivity, promote the development of the transport system through submission of project proposals and urging national line agencies like DOTC, PPA, DPWH and even ODA (foreign assisted projects) to implement local infrastructure projects; preserve prime agricultural lands for greater agricultural productivity; adoption of scientific technology in agricultural crops, livestock and aquatic resource production; strict enforcement of fishing laws and regulations; strengthen the local school board to address low school participation rate and other education related issues and problems; strengthen the Laoang Water District to oversee, implement and manage would be water supply system; promote sustainable natural resource development through the institutionalization and expansion of CBRMP project; institutionalization of the Municipal Integrated Solid Waste Management Project; resettlement of families in the blighted area of the Poblacion; provision of tax incentives to mobile phone companies and other would-be investors to encourage the establishment of cell sites and other commercial and industrial establishments in the locality; allocate greater commercial area in the urban center to accommodate local and provincial commercial requirements; establish growth node barangays to cater to the needs of the far flung barangays; physical development expansions should be towards the inner portion of the land and away from any bodies of water.

Major Programs and Projects


The following are the felt priority programs and projects: Provision of livelihood opportunities through establishments of various industries, improvement of Laoang Public Market through reconstruction and development into a large public market complex, construction of roads, bridges, ports and other transportation facilities like Laoang Bridge, Mualbual Port, Barangay Roads, Bus Terminal and others; provision of pre and post harvest facilities like irrigation systems, demonstration centers, rice mills, farm equipments and others; establishment / expansion of Rawis National High School; opening of day care classes to barangays with no day care classes; construction and development of Laoang Water Supply system; institutionalization and expansion of CBRMP project in Hangtud Valley; formulation, implementation and enforcement of Municipal Integrated Solid Waste Management System; resettlement of families in blighted areas of the Poblacion through the establishment of socialized housing project.; establishment of Cell Site; establishment of medium and small scale industries like oil mill, charcoal-making, coir Industry, dairy production and others.



In as much as the agriculture sector cannot, for the moment meet the production requirement of the Municipality in terms of rice, root crops, fruits and vegetables, livestock, poultry and dairy products it is proposed in this CLUP that Laoang will concentrate in what it is best suited: commerce and trading.

In so doing, the Municipality very much need to improve its circulation system by providing the bridges needed to connect the island of Laoang to the mainland of Samar via Rawis and via Palapag and the completion of the Mualbual Port at the north west tip of Laoang island which will serve both domestic and international port services. The improved road mobility will enhance commerce and trading in the area – the much needed boost for its economy to improve, greatly at that.

Moreover, the provision of the greatly improved shipping port at Mualbual will enliven the shipping industry thereby contributing to the mobility of commercial and trading goods in fulfillment to the assigned functional role of center of commerce and trade in this part of the Province.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 February 2010 01:27