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According to the Guidelines For The Formulation/Revision of Comprehensive Land Use Plan, volume III published by the Rules and Standards Development Group of the HLURB, “The development of the tourism sector is a major national objective and a locality is lucky if it falls within the national priority areas for tourism development. If the municipality/city, however, does not fall within priority tourist areas, it would still be worthwhile for the municipality to promote domestic tourism in view of downstream industries and multiplicity of activities connected with this industry that are good sources of income, aside from generating employment for local residents. Tourism, when properly planned and managed, can be an instrument to enhance national pride in local customs and as venue to preserve or rebuild the physical environment.”

1.1 THE ONAY BEACH – A beach resort facing the Laoang Bay about 1.68 km northwest of the town proper. It is a stretch of concave-shaped white beach lined with coconut trees complemented by some wide leafed and stocky Talisay trees. Below the trees are cottages and nipa huts intended for tourist and excursionists. The beach itself has clear water on fine sand. It is frequently visited by the town folks of Laoang, as well as, residents from neighboring towns like, Catubig especially during Saturdays and Sundays. The Onay Beach covers an area of 4 hectares.

1.2 THE PASYAO CLIFF - During the day this cliff presents a magnificent view of Rawis Bay and the Laoang Channel where ships of different sizes pass. During the afternoon, the Laoang Sunset can be viewed more majestically. While, on a clear moonlit night the reflecting water from the sea beyond would not fail to awaken the poet in one’s self.

1.4 THE GRAND CANYON- or the "Inogkahan" to the Laoanganons, which means excavated space, is a man-made shortcut pass through the Tumagingting Hill. It was excavated in 1913. Its dimension is 5 meters wide, 85 meters long and 5 meters high. On the wall at the eastern side is a "fox hole" dug by the Japanese soldiers sometime in 1942. It is now closed due to hazard that may be brought if the hole is left idle. This pass, now a portion of the cemented road at Capitan Domingo Adoro St. is named after the Capitan Municipal who then spearheaded this gigantic project.

1.5 THE SAINT MICHAEL PARISH CHURCH – An about 3-centuries old church walled with cobblestones 1.70 meter thick and, measures 63.50 meters by 10.50 meters in floor area. It has 7 relic statues of saints gracing the main altar symmetrically posted one above the other on a ceiling-high background of carved-in baroque architectural design placed at the two side altars on both cruzadas. At the main façade is the antique statue of St. Peter and St. Paul that seems to welcome the churchgoers. High above is the icon of St. Michael the Archangel on the top figure. Further to the left is a high tower belfry.

1.6 THE ALMURAYA FORTRESS –This is a partly destroyed cobblestone watchtower and wall standing above the cliff west of the Church.

1.8 THE PERGOLA – It is a cobblestone arc reminiscent of Spanish architecture. It was used as a passageway to the defunct “Casa Tribunal” replaced by a present day municipal hall. It was constructed in 1894.


1.9 THE BATAG LIGHTHOUSE – It was built in 1907. It is located in Barangay Cabadiangan and is considered as the second highest lighthouse in the Philippines. It is erected on top Mount Culipapa and is about 316 feet above sea level. From atop the lighthouse anyone who is on a sightseeing tour is provided with a magnificent, far-reaching, panoramic view of Batag Island and its surrounding islets.

1.11 THE SAWANG CAVE – It is located in the Batag Island. This famous cave is composed of three layers of minor caves; each layer can be found piles of human bones some of which are of extra-ordinary sizes.

1.12 THE PISONG FALLS – It is located at the outskirt of Barangay Gibatangan approximately 1.5 kilometers from the built-up area of the barangay. It is a natural waterfall originating from a summit of 50 feet cascading below forming a stream of about 30 meters wide during rainy season to a depth of 30 feet. Its waters which originates from the mountain’s watershed areas flows to Bayog Creek, a major tributary at the Bayog Valley and is connected to the Catubig River.

1.13 THE LOYANG CATHEDRAL CAVE - This cave is in Barangay Marubay. This cave has a dome-like ceiling on its first chamber. Further entering through an on and off, if not disappearing narrow entrance the cave leads to a subterranean chamber with hanging stalactites and stalagmites on the floor. This cave is about a kilometer in length from the narrow entrance.

1.14 THE AMAMBANGAN CAVE in Barangay Pangdan is a cave whose entrance is 2.5 meters by 4 feet. A clean cave, it is an ideal place of refuge since it is spacious inside, with a small opening above that provides fresh air and sunlight.

1.15 THE BOBOYOON CAVE in Barangay Cabadiangan is situated in the middle of a coconut plantation. This cave boosts of thick-layered guanos, numerous stalactites and stalagmites. Moving farther for about 20 feet downward from the first chamber can be found a small brook with clear subterranean water.

1.16 THE MACANINGNING ISLET at Barangay Cahayagan is a natural swimming pool measuring some 15 meters by 30 meters. It has shallow and deep portions. Its content of seawater is replenished during the occurrence of highest tides. It is facing the Pacific Ocean to the North and is some 150 meters distance to Cahayagan shore on the East

1.17 THE YABYABAN DAM – It is a man made structure made of earth which catches the run off water coming from the Bayog Valley Watershed Area. Designed to impound water for irrigation purposes, the stream that is being formed by the dam is now being used by the residents as resort where they spend their leisure time for picnic and catching fish. This dam and its watershed area is another of the town’s eco-tourism destination

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